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Originally Posted by E93Blackhawk View Post
07 335i

Im aware that you can actually watch a DVD while in park/standstill etc with no problems is this correct?

ive heard once you shift it into D it shuts the screen off.

Is this the same for MT? What is the process, do you put it in 1st gear and it shuts off for example.

Reason being is that I havent got my baby back yet, will be a good few weeks.

Sorry to say that but you're all wrong ...
He has a 07 335 which means he has idrive ccc...
there is no (lets call it) video module ( i dont remember how you call it)
and actually you can't watch Videos at all ;(.

i have the same problem (
only cic idrive ( lci ) can watch dvd while they are parked unless they do some codings to active dvd in motion.