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Originally Posted by slupie View Post
Try to have an impact gun calibrated, you will get a good laugh out of the calibration house.

Torque settings? put more pressure in you get more torque, less pressure less torque. "feel/sound" is plain old laziness. I'm a mechanical engineer and have been wrenching on my own cars and with friends for almost 20 years. I have few impact guns and the settings and variables are very inconsistent every-time.

There is a reason why there are torque specs on bolts. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN THEM, bolt stretch and failure of threads when over-tightened. All wheel bolts are fine pitch threads they do not have the same strength as a coarse thread bolts.

Every-time I had a friend or family member call me for help changing a flat on the side of the road, the car was at a shop or dealership recently and they did a tire rotation. Guess what every-time the bolts were overtorqued by a wrench monkey/parts swapper with an impact gun. I bring my 24" breaker bar and a cheater pipe to get the wheel lugs off.

Wrench monkeys using impact guns to put on wheel lugs is plain old LAZINESS.
Just because there are reasons every bolt has a torque spec dont mean every mechanic in the world busts out a torque wrench for every suspension bolt either. A mechanical engineer dont mean you torque each nut hundreds of times a week for a living. Im not arguing with you, but only noobs would run and hold a gun on a nut for x amount of time to over torque it. Be smart with it, you dont have to be an engineer to know how much bolt stretching can warp the rotors. As i say this i leave my torque wrench in my trunk, yes ppl use guns some dont, simple as that.

Here these guys must be idiots to use a gun too right. oh no wait, they know the feel. Yes granted they do it for a quick race bla bla... but my point was skill/judgement.


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