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Originally Posted by TigOn.
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So I've been testing the New AA tune for the E9x 335i n 135i. I must say the older tune had some issues. One in which limp mode due to breaking 250 degrees on Temp.

Last night at PBiR with the updated Version 2 Tune on 6 runs back to back (due to only 14 cars there) the car did not break over 231 degrees plus an hour n 1/2 to drive to PBiR from miami.

My friend with a current N54 with JB4 tune on his car. Drove my car to test the car's tune. His words was "it's so smooth going up on the RPMs" he was shock because we have almost the same miles on our car over 58k. He said "it feels like a new car".

Power wise WHP and WTQ has improved Dramatically. And since each car is different I can not quote a WHP n WTQ for you. Just get the new tune and dyno it before and after. I can say this NO MORE LIMP MODE, NO more overheating, and More importantly greater GAIN in smoother RPM power bands!

Call Ivan at Active AutoWerke for more details. (305) 233-9300 ext: 234
How would you compare the new AA tune with say the JB4 or equal tune?

Originally Posted by E90Company View Post
What is AA big twin turbo?

Thats the new AA upgraded twins for the 335, i was there on Friday and actually took a ride on their first upgraded 335.

Im actually considering going the AA upgraded turbo route however i need to see comparation numbers between AA's and the RB's.
The AA Version 2 tune is smoother and Consistent of power bands then the JB4.

JB4 is a great tune for drivers that likes seeing and personalize their car and see the actually map changes. Nothing wrong with JB4 but not my cup of tea.

Note AA tune's is a flash base so the ECU itself is controlling the tune.

JB4 is a piggy back system that has to Communicate with the ECU to Produce more power. That at times cause the car to Hesitate during WOT.