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Originally Posted by Jason
Out of EVO's Car of the Year 2012 comparison tests comes this little clip featuring the C63 AMG Black Series versus the Alpina B3 GT3 on the track in some drifting action.

There was obviously little hesitation in pairing the Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series and Alpina B3 GT3 together for a track battle. They are coupe versions of posh rep-car rivals, given a huge dose of extra punch as well as some DTM racer attitude thanks to large spoilers and carbon aerodynamic adornments. Oh, and theyre the same colour.

On paper, the Merc walks it. Its 6.2-litre V8 is twice the size of the Alpinas (admittedly twin-turbocharged) 3-litre in-line six, endowing it with 510bhp and 457lb ft, figures that trump the B3s 402bhp and 398lb ft. The C63s 4.2sec sprint to 62mph is a mere 0.3sec swifter than its rivals, however, while they both top out at 186mph.

Put two drift-loving road testers in their Alcantara-clad cabins, though, and send them on to a chilly, autumnal race circuit, and straight-line performance very quickly goes out the window. A strong contender for 2012s most sideways video is below!

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