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Originally Posted by ~XxPornxX~ View Post
Just because there are reasons every bolt has a torque spec dont mean every mechanic in the world busts out a torque wrench for every suspension bolt either. A mechanical engineer dont mean you torque each nut hundreds of times a week for a living. Im not arguing with you, but only noobs would run and hold a gun on a nut for x amount of time to over torque it. Be smart with it, you dont have to be an engineer to know how much bolt stretching can warp the rotors. As i say this i leave my torque wrench in my trunk, yes ppl use guns some dont, simple as that.

Here these guys must be idiots to use a gun too right. oh no wait, they know the feel. Yes granted they do it for a quick race bla bla... but my point was skill/judgement.

And that my friend is why I do all my work. Torquing suspension bolts with an impact gun and binding suspension bushings is bad and just asking for trouble. Also if some suspension components are torqued before being loaded at the ride height they could and will bind. Follow what the manual says not what the parts swapper does. Because they do it for a living doesn't mean that what they do is RIGHT by any means.

How do you know how much the bolt stretched if you can't control the amount of torque you put on it and how many times has that been done to it.

Those guys are not idiots, just a special design spindle, nut and gun. Racing applications are a bit different that they are over-designed to some degree and it has to last the race weekend. It is also inspected very often on top of that. Did you notice that that nut on the right of the F1 car had left hand threads and detents on the hub to hold the nut from spinning off by itself.