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Originally Posted by EDM92 View Post
That's quite sad indeed, having the competition help your customer before you do. Customer service is important!
Yes, Terry has been nothing but helpful, even to someone who spent $500 with his biggest competitor.

Originally Posted by skinrock View Post
Funny, because Shiv helped me debug my BMS meth issues when I met him at Sacramento last year.
Yep, LAST YEAR. I have never gotten a reply from Shiv, and ive had the tune for about 3 months. His CURRENT customer service has been lacking for myself and others i talked to. He was extremely helpful to me about a year ago as well.

Ps- This is coming from a Procede owner. Im not a biased JB4 guy. I bought Shivs tune and still love it. Just wish i had more support with issues/kinks.

Originally Posted by mapleridge View Post
I have no dog in this race. N52 owner, but I bought the bms fix from burger for my headers and any emails I sent to terry were answered within about 20 mins. Even after work hours. Never dealt with the vishnu guys but I think Terry has some good customer service.

Originally Posted by 135Hoser View Post


TENS OF THOUSANDS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

zomg, vishnu has worst service ever!
No he doesnt. But his current customer service has been very poor as of late. His CS is the past may have been great, but he wont give me the time of day. Terry@BMS helped me figure out some misfires, which truly shows his character. Im all for second chances, and i love how my tune feels now, so ill leave my judgement to the next time i have an issue. If im rejected yet again, ill just switch over to the JB4 G5 board (which seems to be a dyno-queen with the new isolated boost anyways).

Originally Posted by joec500 View Post
Nothing super serious nor life threatening. I am sure he's already back at work.
Sad to hear, as always. Was it work related?. Unfortunately, unless this issue has been going on for a month or two, its not an excuse for the poor CS... Lets hope he gets his stuff together, as i used to be a Vishnu fanboy

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