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I almost always have the car setup to put down max power if needed, but the awesome thing about JB4 is that you can change your setting on the fly. I usually drive around on map 2 without meth, which keeps me right around 440rwhp, but if i want to race, or go fast, i change to map 3 via steering wheel, and pass almost anything on the road with ease

There's still power to be had, but i have some other things to take care of first, half shafts, lsd, trans...

@ DarkKnight and Nitehawk
Reliability so far is not an issue. I've put about 5k miles on the new snails, and have not had any issues thusfar. That's the thing about these turbos, you dont feel much difference until you get on that gas pedal. Daily driveability is nearly the same.

And yes, this is my DD. I wouldn't put this much work into a car unless i drove the shit out of it