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I was back there again yesterday and had a blast. Two days at Silverstone GP in one week is a nice way to round off the track season.

In the morning it looked a bit white and you could hardly tell the track from the rest. It was icy everywhere, but with a delayed start it soon warmed up and we had 5 hours of dry running in the sun. The day ran through lunch which is nice as the days are pretty short now, so loosing an hour for lunch is a fair chunk of the day.

Compared to my experience from last Friday this was a much better day and we had very few closures. Most drivers were quite considerate and let other people pass. I only had one red flag affect my track time. The other two happen when I was on a cool down lap, so for once it wasn't a frustrating experience. Some time it can be a bit of a luck of the draw and who attends that decides if you're going to have a good day or not.

There were also some proper quick cars there and it's cool to see how quick they are on the straight and through the corners. I saw two Ferrari 458's; one road version and one a fully race car prepped. It was nice to see both being driven hard. Most of the time you see a Ferrari on a track day they only go quick on the straights and park it on the corners. There were also a couple of Porsche GT3's to sneak up on you and some pretty fast Kumho BMW E46 M3 race cars on slicks giving the road going Ferrari a run for its money.

Only longer delay on the day was when an Escort Cosworth spilled oil all the way down hangar straight. From the thick smoke it looked like the engine had let go but I later heard that the it was just an oil pipe that had come off making a right mess of the track and the engine. For us it was a good excuse to grab some lunch.