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Earthquake SWS 8 & spacers

Apologies if this has been posted before. I have a 2008 E92 and from my research anyone that has fitted these subs into the standard enclosure has used spacers - one that goes under the sub and the other under the grill

When I took my old subs out of the enclosure and put the sws 8 in they dropped in fine without spacers? I did not have file down the fins in the enclosures
I made some spacers out of 16mm mdf for the grill but when I bolted the seat back on the electronic wires under the seat where rubbing tightly against the grill. I presume I can get away with 12mm or less thickness mdf

At the moment I have left the grill off but the carpet is rubbing slightly but not too much

Is the e92 the seat lot lower than e90?When I looked when standard subs were in there isnt much room under the seat?