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Originally Posted by Sick335 View Post
Since everybody is bickering about customer service and blah blah blah, let me tell you something, both tuners have great customer service, here are 2 examples:

Terry@BMS is very responsive, and hands on with local customers. The night before the Airstrip attack i had tons of problems with my car, and was very discouraged about going. On Thursday night, 1 day before the event, i went by Terrys residence(his home), and we fixed all the problems, including all the meth leaks i had. Great customer service, i have been a loyal customer for 5 years, and plan to keep it that way.

Shiv@Procede has spent majority of his time at the event working on his customers cars, instead of going out there and beating the crap out of his well put together car. He could have easily put in 20 runs both days, and raced number of cars that were out there, to show great results if the FFTEC kit, instead he spent most of the time there fixing customers problems.

If anyone thinks they can do better than either one of the tuners, nobody is stoping you from opening up your on company and putting in crazy amount of hours into a product. I'd like to see how you would like people bytching about your customer service then...
I couldn't agree more with Sick... Both Terry and Shiv spend a vast amount of time developing and supporting their products. I have to laugh at all the people who have made comments about shift sector and the majority of those who have voiced their opinion weren't even there and have NO CLUE as to what went on at that event. Sick and Terry were both really cool to hang with to include the entire Vishnu crew that showed up at the event. I just wish more tuned 335s would have showed up... So before you bitch about customer service, just remember your not the only person that has an issue and if you didn't take the time to research the issue prior to contacting your vendor then you probably shouldn't be tuning your car anyway. They don't have time to babysit every person who has a bad plug, injector, and can't figure out how to read a diagnostics code.