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Upon being presented with the “Japan Car of the Year 2012” award both Mr.Tada, Chief engineer of Toyota GT86/ Subaru BRZ project, and Mr. Takefuji of FHI said the following words:


Mr. Tada : “To the folks in the automotive industry and business media, there must have been many concerns and questions about the creation of a traditional sports car, (which is typically seen as signs of excess and wealth in Japan where modesty is a virtue) in an era of hardships and challenges in economy. However, with an award like this presented to the Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ, it only shows to the public, the depth and enthusiasm of Japanese journalism, and a message to the world that there is a very strong fan base and a deeply rooted passion for such cars in Japanese society and automobile culture.

Mr.Takefuji of FHI added: “It was in October of 2005, when Toyota had approached us to collaborate on an automobile, and we had many discourses at the time on what type of car was to be created. By 2007, we had finally agreed to make a sports car, based on a type of sports car that can create and embrace a culture for many motorists. It was a long and grueling 5 years in the making since. Today however, with this event, we are so glad and appreciative to receive such high marks for the GT86/BRZ, and we will continue to use this car for further development, honing and refining more elements that seem fit, and through Asian markets and originating from Japan, and will challenge the best of Germany finest automobiles in refinement and quality. This will be our goal.”

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