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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
Very true. I guess I can bear with single 12 inch till you or somebody else can fit IB behind the rear seats. In that case, I could go max for 15 inches sub in the boot.

I was reading the reviews on SBP15 last night. Brilliant driver.
However comparing it to Fi IB12, its xmas is limited and on 20Hz 250W RMS is enough to take it to its Xmas (though it is 7dB louder than Fi IB12) and that is coming straight out of John's posting.

Whereas Fi IB3 takes 500W RMS @ 20HZ to reach its Xmas. In a way it favours SBP15 as it takes less power to create more sound but then with Fi IB3, there are less chances of mechanical failure due to greater Xmas (unless I am missing a point here).

So considering that, I am getting confused which one would work out better in IB setup?
The AE is more efficient which means it needs less power to reach max. excursion. The FI with its higher xmax has the capability to be a little louder below 30Hz but you have to ask yourself if you really want that. The AE, after having read numerous reviews on and other sites, will give you almost ruler-flat response between 20 and 100Hz, and gets loud enough for most people.

You may want to get on touch with Mob17 who was planning on installing an FI driver, but I haven't heard from him in the last week or two.

In the end I'm sure both would be great subs for this application. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do yet, I'm between using 2 Infinity subs I have in the attic, and the AE, but the FI may also be considered especially due to its lower price point and better availability. I'm planning on mounting the sub via an adapter plate directly against the back seat, and let it fire through the ski pass (which I still have to cut). I was hoping Mob17 would post the results of his install and it would give me some inspiration, and motivation.
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