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2 Mtech Wheels, 1 with Alcantara trim.

I have two wheels for sale. The one still installed is in great condition. Coming off my car, which I only use Leatherique products on. Wheel is still matte, and super soft. Will feel like a different car with this wheel. There is a scratch on the bottom of the wheel, but it is not at all visible.

Second wheel is uninstalled, still very soft, and has a visible scratch that I have taken a picture of. Has also been cleaned and conditioned with leatherique. No trim, but has everything else.

Will install if close enough to meet, or will ship, which is next day in Florida.

First Wheel With trim, harness, airbag bracket, and buttons - $350:

Second Wheel, no trim, with buttons, harness, and airbag bracket - $275: