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Thumbs up Sticky!!

Awesome DIY!

I took my car to "The Bumper Doctor" and they wanted $950.00 for that plus a lower corner scrape and some shotty touch-up on the rear bumper from the previous owner. I couldn't believe it. Tried to charge an hour labor for bumper removal . Admins: please make this thread sticky!!

Anyway, long story short the paint match is probably perfect. I'm a first timer and I got extremely close on my first try using their rattle cans with Space Gray and the 2K urethane clear coat. I say *might* be perfect because I ruined my work with the clear coat by spraying it too close and it ran everywhere. Then I tried sanding it too soon and the cc peeled The parts I didn't completely barf on look awesome. One tip though: the OP mentioned polishing... you're going to want to do that to get mirror finish. I'm surprised the videos don't show that.

I have to redo a lot of it, but I'm leveling up to a compressor and HVLP sprayer mainly to be able to judge how much material I've used. The rattle cans are very capable though. I'm just having a lot of fun on this project so why not?