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Originally Posted by bcornwellatl View Post
Guys, I'm new to the forum, so hi. Coming over from Mazda... just purchased my first BMW - and its a 2008 335i with 53k miles (picked it up for 19500 with convenience feature, nav, sport, etc).

So the power stock is amazing vs my mazda. However, I'm about to bust a nut to get more power and less hesitation when I step on the gas.

So I ordered a Cobb accessport (friggen expensive) and a AFE Magnum FORCE Elite Stage-2 Si PRO 5R Intake. (friggen expensive, but wanted a closed system vs open.. just looks better and seems like it would suck less hot air vs open (IMO).

So from those of you who have Cobb and possibly this intake - what map stage should I use and what should I expect?

Also, going to do the walnut cleaning this week and the oil gasket replaced - worth the money? Looking at about 700 for the service... I heard walnut blasting really made a difference... (well heard it from the guy wanting to sell it to me). Thanks in advance...
Run Stage 1 Sport if you have 91 octane. Stage 1 Aggressive if you have 93 octane. Be sure to datalog to be sure everything is well.

Walnut blasting is definitely a smart thing to do with 50K+ miles.
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