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Originally Posted by Ænema View Post
Run Stage 1 Sport if you have 91 octane. Stage 1 Aggressive if you have 93 octane. Be sure to datalog to be sure everything is well.

Walnut blasting is definitely a smart thing to do with 50K+ miles.
Thanks for the feedback... yeah we are 93 oct here in GA... so no problem there.. Glad to hear the feedback on the walnut blasting... funny thing is a lot of bmw shops either have no clue what I'm asking, or just don't do it... so I guess its actually hard to shop around for pricing...

What is the opinion of the intake? In your opinion, do you think it was a good choice? (vs the 2 cone open system). I also unplugged that exaust port cable in the back of the car to make it sound better. Assuming that won't do anything to HP - I am not ready to get a new muffler yet... I don't see the gains that are worth the 1000 plus dollars to do that...

So what HP and TQ do you think I should expect with what I have on the stage 1 agressive? What do you need to go to stage 2? I think this 335 has the intercooler because of the sport package... just not sure how good the injectors and coils are since I purchased used.. plugs were changed at 46000 miles by BMW dealer with previous owner.