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dakota leather care

what's up guys... noob e9x-wise but no stranger to cars.

Kind of concerned about the wear on my seat bottom... I'll be honest I've searched and read a ton of threads re: dakota care and it seems as though the consensus is that it has a plastic "coat" on it and as such renders a conditioner application moot...

at any rate the car just turned 30k miles, and i've treated the leather once after my 9k miles of ownership with lexol cleaner/conditioner.

call me lazy but hell, i'm busy. i've been told to treat the leather once a week, but i mean, come on, and i do believe that as i drive co-workers/clients around and the dye from their pants mars the coral red.

either way, i can't reverse what the prior owners did do my driver seat, but i make it a point to ingress/egress the car in a manner that i avoid bodily contact with the bolster (which i deflate upon parking).

thoughts, folks?

i mean, i wasn't in a position to buy a 335 and i unloaded my stage 2 nogaro b5 S4 since the maintenance on it was crazy but should i be worried about the wear pictured?

i'm not a big guy either just 190ish 6'. i'd like to keep the seating in this vehicle in the most tip-top shape as possible as i did purchase it as opposed to the lease avenue

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