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Thanks for the feedback... yeah we are 93 oct here in GA... so no problem there.. Glad to hear the feedback on the walnut blasting... funny thing is a lot of bmw shops either have no clue what I'm asking, or just don't do it... so I guess its actually hard to shop around for pricing...

What is the opinion of the intake? In your opinion, do you think it was a good choice? (vs the 2 cone open system). I also unplugged that exaust port cable in the back of the car to make it sound better. Assuming that won't do anything to HP - I am not ready to get a new muffler yet... I don't see the gains that are worth the 1000 plus dollars to do that...

So what HP and TQ do you think I should expect with what I have on the stage 1 agressive? What do you need to go to stage 2? I think this 335 has the intercooler because of the sport package... just not sure how good the injectors and coils are since I purchased used.. plugs were changed at 46000 miles by BMW dealer with previous owner.
Keep in mind that not all 93 octane is created equal. Use top tier gasoline(Shell, Exxon etc..) and you should be good to run the aggressive maps but like i said be sure to datalog.

Most people see ~50rwhp/~60rwtq gains running stage 1 agg but all cars are a little different so you may get a little more or a little less.

The CAI vs DCI debate has been around for A LONG time and it's never been 100% conclusive either way. MY PERSONAL opinion is that the turbos need the coolest air they can get so a CAI is not a bad idea. However, the speed at which the air is drawn thorugh the engine bay/filter housing is so fast that i doubt it has enough time to transfer the heat to the incoming air. I run the BMS DCI because it's cheap and proven to work well thousands of times over.

All N54 engines are intercooled. The stock intercooler isn't very good though so that should probably be your next mod. Especially in the GA humidity.

The Cobb stages require the following mods:
Stage 1= stock car(intake recommended)
Stage 1+= Intake and upgraded Intercooler.
Stage 2= Intake and High Flow downpipes
Stage 2+=Intake, downpipes and upgraded intercooler(this is commonly referred to as FBO or Full Bolt-Ons)
Race gas/E30= FBO and race gas or E30 ethanol blend.

Coils and injectors are a crapshoot. Sometimes they last for A LONG time and sometimes they don't. Coils are cheap enough that if you have one go out you might as well replace them all. Injectors are pricey so i would just change them when/if they go out.
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