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Originally Posted by Prince_of_Persia View Post
No, the downloaded files can not be corrupted if you could extract the rar files successfully.
well then try re-extracting the files.. because when i extracted region 2 the first time it said it extracted successfully and everything appeared fine but the file was in fact corrupted.. and i did the extraction again and everything was fine.. if you really want to know for sure check the MD5 Hash

download this program Hash Tab unzip and install it.. and then go to the iso file within a file browser and right click on the file and go to properties and then you'll now have a tab "File Hashes".. click on the tab and it'll calculate 3 different File Hashes (which are kinda like serial numbers that would be specific to that file and that file ONLY).. and so you would look at the MD5 one

(these MD5 Hashes are for the stadard discs)
the MD5 for Region 1 should be: 52626C482D3C1E842445B44B5B45725B

the MD5 for Region 2 should be: 37EE8BA8F6D382F53864BB1F87150441

if the MD5 for each of your iso files match those EXACTLY then the files are good.. if they dont match these ones exactly then the files are bad

(just in case anyone else is having trouble and wants to check theirs.. here are the MD5 Hashes for the discs WITH the red light cams and speed traps added)
MD5 for Region 1 w/cams: FA8698405CC2FA582BD464F651D8F4E9

MD5 for Region 2 w/cams: ED24E26CF245946CC3461C9AC9BA5951

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