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Serious problems?

Hey guys, I went to my local BMW dealership and found a 335i that appeared interesting. It was a 2008 sedan model (n54 engine) fully loaded priced at about 19k with about 56k miles. I asked for the carfax, but was a little hesitant after seeing it. I'll list the the repairs done to the car and at what mileage the repairs were done at.

12/20/07-(@5 miles)-car delivered

7/28/2009-(@15,790 miles)- 1st eng oil service, micro filter replacement, roof functions centre FZD software error/ internal device fault, brake fluid change (full maintenance program)

6/03/10-(@31,310 miles)- standard operation mp, vehicle check, oil service

3/23/2011-(@39,617 miles)- standard operation mp, micro filter replacement, door stop, front loose. RR brake pads, brake fluid change. N54 HDP, N54 injector check, N54 programming HDP

8/17/11-(@45,038 miles)- standard operation mp, maintenance service-spark plugs, oil service, LEAK at gearbox connector, automatic transmission leaking, eng air filter-dirty

5/01/12-(@52,984 miles)- coolant pump permanent malfunction. Bracket steering column switch (coil spring cartridge)

The car at the dealership now has around 56k miles. Would you consider buying this car? I don't know much about 335i's, but how serious are these conditions looking at the carfax. I'd appreciate the feedback.