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Originally Posted by NaTuReB0Y View Post
Mine was replaced under warranty about 5 years ago...but it came back a year later.

I've been driving with the lights on for the last 4 years........
you replied to a 9 month old thread.

i would get it fixed though instead of driving on it... i had the same problem and read that if the passenger sensor has failed to the point that you have the red airbag light on the dash, in addition to the yellow overhead light, then the entire front airbag system will not fire.

long story short.... if you have the red airbag light on your dash, you as the driver may not be protected either.

wanted to add that I have an '06 330i and I called BMWNA and ended up getting them to approve the OC3 occupancy sensor repair outside of warranty. give it a try and see if they will do anything. the dealer's hands are tied, they wont fix anything for free unless BMWNA will reimburse. If you get BMWNA to approve it, then the dealer will fix it.