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Originally Posted by NotNormal View Post
Well, I thought I'd prep for the winter, and make an addition or two and swap out a couple of things.

As I wasn't happy with the LED H8 bulbs I'd previously bought, the colour wasn't what I wanted, i.e. purple tinge, and the outer rings were alittle weak in luminosity, so I bought these :

They're an H8 Creen LED bulb, emits a strong light, and gets the outer ring lit up strongly even in bright daylight.

The bulb differences - old :

The new :

And here's a picture of them on, in bright sunlight.
Not easy to capture the true colour of the bulbs, but they have a nice purple tinge to them, not LCi intense, but just nice :

With that sorted, I turned my attention to the mechanicals - over the past year the glow plugs have started to flag up as faults one by one. So I replaced them today.
The originals were Beru, but I opted to replace them with Bosch.
I prefer Bosch products, and I was alittle shocked to find they were Beru, especially when the rest of the fuel system + ignition components are Bosch.

I was crapping myself if I'm honest, after stripping back the plastics, and removing the inlet manifold, the next part I was dreading, but to my relief and surprise all six came out with ease. No snapped glow plugs or pulled threads.

Whist I had the inlet manifold off, I thought I'd swap out the swirl flaps, yes, I am aware that they're a modified design and are not a risk on my model, but I thought as I've just ticked over 110,500 miles, I'd remove them rather than risk it.
Once I removed them, I was happily surprised to see that all six were in perfect condition.
Fitted the blanking plugs :

As I do most of my work at my friends unit, handy to have cover and a full selection of tools, I've only driven the car about 10 miles, but initial impressions are good.
What year is your car? I have the 2012 e92 and the ring is white and its fairly bright even in day time to me, but it is very nice to change it into purple or any other color, did you just bought a LED bulb in purple etc. do you mind telling me how you do that?