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E91 doors won't unlock!

Hi, got a problem with my 320D today.

I can't unlock the doors with the remote but I can unlock just the tailgate and then open it. I can then lock it again with the remote.

I can get in the driver's door with the key which manually lifts the lock button on the door. All other doors remain locked.

I can then start the engine and I presume I can drive it but haven't tried that yet - don't want to get stranded somewhere!

After stopping the engine I can lock the drivers door with either the dash button or the remote fob.

All other doors remain double-locked and I can't even manually unlock them with the interior door handle. But I can manually open the driver's door with the inside handle once re-locked.

I've tried both of my fobs and both do the same, ie lights flash as if unlocked - only the tailgate is - but door locks remain defiantly down.

The car was used yesterday evening but now it's playing hard to get. Is this simply the need for a new fob battery or has a fuse blown somewhere...where?

Strange both remotes act the same. It's as if it's double-locked and won't undouble-lock.

What is going on?