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Hi all... a very unhappy 335d owner here. Had it 14 months, and nothing but problems...

2007/07 335d M Sport touring, 66k miles.... list of issues i've had in 14 months..

1. Alloys cracking, tyres wearing badly due to bad alignment. 1000 total fix.
2. Leaking Swirl flaps/vanes, blanking plates in. 250 fix.
3. Bad oil leak at rear crankshaft/gearbox seal. 600 fix.
4. On going DPF issues, wont re-gen etc. so far 200 but going up to 500+++. If new one needed then 1700.
5. Electronic steering lock 'red' light on yesterday, hopefully software update, otherwise 800 for a new unit.
6. 4 x Glow plugs faulty. 300 to fix.

Plus the standard maintenance....

Massive headache... and never again!

Let me know if anyone needs more advice if looking to purchase...