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BMW ipod cable from HK.

Hi all. Glad to be posting my first thread for E90Post. Been interested in getting an ipod cable so that i could connect my ipod through the idrive of my bmw 323i. Luckily my car is a june 07 model with innovations pack which included USB
and AUX ports,although when i bought it 16 mths ago i had no idea they were there.
Anyway,ordered the cable last week and it arrived on friday in a small envelope.
So with not a lot of confidence that it would work,i plugged one end into the usb and aux ports and the other into the ipod. Turned the ignition on and hey presto everything came up on the screen,playlists,albums,genres artists and songs.
Started scrolling through with either the idrive knob or controls on the SW and
whatever i wanted to find and play came up with no dramas.
This cable looks and performs exactly like the OEM cable. I guess the only difference is the price.
BMW OEM ipod cable-$130
HK deluxe ipod cable-$13 delivered.
So for 13 bucks what've you got to lose?
BMW's business i guess.
If you're interested this is the website.