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Sad news.

Some of the comments are a joke.
Elaine • 2 minutes 34 seconds ago
@Britain2011 - BMWs drivers are very bad - sorry to say but exceptions are always there, unfortunately they are in minority. I always make room for a BMWs because I just don't want to risk my car or my life - so, yes, you drivers of BMWs, go ahead, kill yourself, I'll stay behind and watch safely from a distance.

B • 2 hours 44 minutes ago
When you consider how much they cost, I'm amazed how many BMWs and Audis seem to have speedos and indicators that don't work.

Whoo • 2 hours 18 minutes ago
Both on the southbound carriageway and crashing into each other indicates a race had been in progress .... plus it was 2 x BMW cars .....the first choice of immigrants !!
*rolls eyes*