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Extra fuel injection

Well, I got most of the parts in this weekend to fab a dual fuel pump setup and port injection to my Mazdaspeed 3 (direct injection). I could do the same thing for the 335i using the same premise except for fabbing a cold pipe with the injectors mounted right before the throttle body and half the amount of injectors (two). Wonder if any 335i peeps would be interested in this b/c its already being used on other DI platforms with success. In my opinion this is alot better than running a meth kit for a number of reasons (1. less chance of failure, 2. injectors atomize better than meth nozzles, 3. no need to buy meth, 4. run more e85, 5. more control (controller allows you to batch fire injectors and gives you a rpm/maf/map table to control injector duty cycles). Btw, I'm running FIC 1100cc/min high impedence injectors with mine.