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Originally Posted by 2wheelsrbetter

agreed. but bigger/more power is better - so people think. and most may get the rush they're looking for by trying to hold one or maybe two gears open, probably while holding their breath, and possibly with their eyes shut. and that's fine.

the problem i've seen with bikes is, when you get one, everyone asks - what did you get? and then they judge your answer against other bikes out there. they probably don't mean to do this, but they do. knee jerk. because bikes are cool, and they get people excited. they don't get groceries. they go fast. but no matter what you have, there is almost always a faster better bike out there. (except for the guys buying the zx14. even then, a turbo modded whatever one ups them.)

my $0.02 on what makes a great bike to own? whatever makes you happy. if big displacement and dual underseat pipes make you smile, and you smile when people ask you what you got, then that's the bike for you. can a liter bike kill you? sure, but so could a 125. do you need to use the full potential of your bike? nope. it's silly to think most people could, with the level of bike being produced today. just depends on how fast fast enough is for you. and how sexy you want your bike to be.

dropping fairing-clad 600s on my 73 cb350 makes me smile, mostly from the looks of disbelief when i wait for them to catch up. and damn that bike has style.
favorite all time bike = XT600

congrats on your purchase OP, enjoy it for what it is. go at your pace. and big congrats for having a wife that rides - that's a beautiful thing.
Thanks. I'm enjoying my bike. I really wanted a naked bike but several friends talked me into a bike with fairings because it would cut the wind on the highway better. When I came across this one for such a great deal I couldn't turn it down. Wife knew she always wanted a ninja. She is taking her time getting comfortable on the bike before she hits traffic.
I just did the break in oil change and chain lube this weekend. Was easier than on a car. None of my friends change their own oil for some reason.

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