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Originally Posted by jdbretz View Post
Did you get the Procede flash for E85 or for gas? I believe the 50/50 E85 maps are set up for users without the backend flash. That is probably why you are running so rich. Your DME was flashed to provide more fuel, and then the Procede is adding even more fuel on top of it. Reduce the values in the AFR table to 50 and re-log. If you are worried about being too lean, you could start by changing the values from 138-255 kPa to 40 at first. That will still have the Procede enrichen the fuel some although I don't think it is necessary. Changing the AFR table will keep the Procede from adding additional fuel where it isn't necessary, and should clean everything up for you.
I have the 50/50 E85 flash, so you are probably correct.

I will call them today and see if I can figure it out.