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Originally Posted by FormerRotor View Post
Who is the new local Evolve dealer? That is interesting knowledge of which I was not yet aware.
Originally Posted by OldMan335dOwner View Post
I have been corresponding with
Mach V Motorsports
45690 Elmwood Ct. #170
Sterling, VA 20166
(571) 434-8333

Here are some extracts from email replies from him in November:
We've signed our contract with Evolve and will be getting our tuning hardware/software soon. The ECU program license will be $799. I don't know yet how involved the physical part of the reprogramming will be, but figure around $100 in labor to remove, open, reseal, and replace the ECU. If you want a dyno session in conjunction with the tune, to measure the before and after, it'll be $100 additional.
> Have you established a policy yet about what you will charge if any when a re-flash is needed because the dealership wrote over on top of it?
We'll charge the same labor as the first time, so about $100. But there won't be an additional tune charge.

> And how do you keep up with the official BMW software settings (e.g., emissions) so that it is included when you do your mods?
I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but the car will pass emissions with the tune the same as without.

> Also, short of stored codes that can be taken care of with scanners, will the dealership be aware that you have a mod installed?
There is no reason they would know, or would look for it, but as with any aftermarket tune, if they did do a direct comparison of the ECU code, they could see it. We haven't seen this ever happen, though.
Yup. Dan (owner of Mach V) is good people. I've been conversing with Dan leading up to his contract signing regarding his shop picking up Evolve over the last few months. Good news for us Mid Atlantic guys.

As to the question whether a dealer can find it, YES THEY CAN, if they look hard enough. Your car's DME records EVERYTHING. If there was a catastrophic failure (caused by the tune or not) and BMW NA got involved to try and determine the cause, they can see that certain perimeters were manipulated - not code, but rather your engine is operating outside of factory specs. I have also been told, there is a flash counter in the DME which stores how many times the DME was flashed if ya get my drift. Anyway, the chances they would look that deep are very very low, however, the risk is there, so tune at your own risk and expense.