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Originally Posted by 4EST
more info: I tried Steuergeraete_reset from tools32 and lost both BT and USB. I could not bring them back with SG_RESET

Then I started messing with ncsexpert and I found out something interesting, I think:
Codierindex_lessen reades and generates the NFW_PSW.TRC file
I added 6NN and #0311 to my VO, then did SG_CODIEREN. It failed, of course, but after SG_RESET, both options were back. I tried without #0311, only USB comes back

So I think somehow the radio does get coded even though it says FAILED. I am yet to find out if it does so automatically or I can change the NFW_PSW.TRC and be able to code it with my changes
I confirm the same thing. If I keep my old build date I will loose everyghing. If I add #0911 ( for 09/2011) I will get the USB but not the BT.