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Originally Posted by J_Roc23
I am in the exact same situation right now. My rear drivers side caught a nail and ripped open. I have Invos all around and didn't plan to change brand. However all Invos in 285/25/20 are on backorder. No one seems to have this damn tire anywhere.

So I will be changing both rears as well since Nitto's are out of the question. I guess tire prices in Canada are drastically higher because I paid $300 a tire. Dont know how the shop wants 1040 for only two. Had my buddy get me a quote on all different brands so I'll be deciding this week. Good luck
Yea, the tries prices in Canada is way higher than U.S , n I finally bought two pss tires on tire rock. 960for total including the12%tax in bc n the shipping. It was cheapest way I as I know. Anyway thx for all u guys help ,I'll post some pictures after I get it all done