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ABS, Brake & TC lights on - HELP

Hi Guys,

I have the yellow brake, yellow ABS and yellow Traction Control light on since a few days now.

I have made some research and found a lot of people listing their issues but not their answers to their problems.
The JB4 doesn't read ABS codes so I went to Pepboys this mornings and here are the codes:

5D93 - Whell Speed Sensor LeftFront
5DE1 - Brake Pad Wear (RA N/Wrong)
5DF4 - Wiring Supply Voltage
5DF0 - Pump Unit Faulty
5DF1 - Pump Unit Plug Faulty

Car has new brakes since several months now (replaces sensors, pads and rotors) and the ABS light came on once just a few weeks ago and disappeared the next day. Now it has been on for 4 days. It went off after a re-start for a few minutes then came back on.

If it matters, cruise control is not working, and turning signal is working properly (stops after a turn).

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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