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Originally Posted by ign335i
Your G5 is not setup properly. Your timing looks bad and your trims are flatlining in places. Email Terry, something is not right here. Also, as far as maps go for Cobb, again email Terry. He will give you the correct map to run on the Cobb to work with the G5. You want to stack the BMS flash under the G5. The combination will give you the best results. But again, get the settings ironed out. Also go ISO if you haven't...

Originally Posted by *********** View Post
Map 5 is an auto tuning map. That's why you are seeing different boost all the time.
While this is true, the variance is closer to 0.5-1psi than it is to the 5+ psi he is seeing. Also you won't go from one run at 17 to another at 10. That is not normal.
Heed this advice.

Since you already have G5, run it ISO and use the Cobb you ordered for BMS's flash that supplements the JB4 G5.

There is a sticky on BMS's forum that may help you self-diagnose the tuning problems you're seeing in your datalogs. Read the stickies and if you can't correct things on your own Terry can help you (probably quickly too) get things straightened out.

Running a Cobb stage one map will be unsatisfying compared to a G5 ISO plus BMS flash combination on E85/premium combination, given that you don't have FMIC/DPs to support a higher boost map with the Cobb, unless its protuned to optimize your current set up.