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Originally Posted by ign335i View Post
Your G5 is not setup properly. Your timing looks bad and your trims are flatlining in places. Email Terry, something is not right here. Also, as far as maps go for Cobb, again email Terry. He will give you the correct map to run on the Cobb to work with the G5. You want to stack the BMS flash under the G5. The combination will give you the best results. But again, get the settings ironed out. Also go ISO if you haven't...

While this is true, the variance is closer to 0.5-1psi than it is to the 5+ psi he is seeing. Also you won't go from one run at 17 to another at 10. That is not normal.
I appreciate your feedback ign335i. However, I already uninstalled JB4 and am waiting upon COBB. I'm not sure how I feel about stacking JB4 with COBB. At least not yet... There are other mod priorities first before I use both tuning.
Also, I have not updated ISO yet because I wasn't sure how return policy will be at Burgertuning after cutting the 2 diodes, so I have not touched this yet.
Let me try COBB first and then I will see which tuning I want to stick with.

Originally Posted by BuraQ View Post
I am interested in this, use the correct maps exclusive for the 335iS recommended by others and see if your still getting slippage, and then try Cobb by itself and see if you get slippage.

Do not try brake boosting. Stay away from it on this particular car. If you are getting slippage on the JB tune and not on the Cobb, then my theory is correct:
Thanks BuraQ. What's the correct map exclusive for 335is? Does my issue sound like a slippage?
I'm not sure what you mean by Brake boosting. Is that similar to LC?
I haven't experienced LC yet due to break-in period... Although I passed 1200 miles mark, when I try to execute LC (M mode, Sport, DTC off, car is warm)
rpm does that pass more than 1500 rpm.
Brake boosting just sounds like you hold the brake apply throttle at the sametime around ~2500 rpm and you just let go the brake.
Same thing here, when I try to do this, it won't go pass 1500rpm.
I'm not sure what the issue is but if I experience another slippage, I will definitely let you know.