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Oh I know about the local auto stores selling those DIY oil change kits. The only problem is that they only advertise the conventional oil. I'm not sure if they have it for fully syn. oils also or not but ill make sure to check next time around. I usually run 5 qts. 0w-40 and two quarts of the lucas oil stabilizer (full syn.) The oil doesn't seem to heat up much anymore or at least take forever to cool down.

Ill attach a pic of what I am talking about. Its kinda strange that they hold the same part # even if one is completely different from the other. I guess its worth some what of a try if I'm truly that bored but you're right, NAs don't usually overheat unless you drive them over the limit. My car has only overheated twice. Both times the temp warning light came on and I had to cruise at 60 back home on the freeway because my car went into a major limp mode. Whenever I gave it more gas, it'd cut off right at 4k and would bog on me a bit. Now it seems to have went away. Maybe because of the oil change up or the stabilizer. Either way, ill pass on the oil cooler mod until i fully modify my car or drive harder
They definitely sell synthetic, but the price keeps changing so that's why I said $30 plus. (It used to be around $30 with the filter.) You can definitely get Mobil 1 0w-40. I used to buy Mobil 1 at Walmart but they don't have 0w-40. Mobil 1 0w-40 is recommended fill for a lot of Mercedes vehicles, or at least all 4 in my household, model yrs '91 through '09. (I'm not sure about AMGs.) Did you use the BMW oil before? I like that the most. It is hard to find 5w-30 oil that is LL-01 rated. Valvoline is for their Synpower HST, which is only sold in 55 gallon drums. Their MST version is said to fit but is not "formally" approved. The base number is lower at 7 something. I can not find on the Pennzoil site an Ultra Euro 5w-30 that has LL-01, only 5w-40, or at least last time I checked...