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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
you can unlock any door from inside the car if you try to open it twice. (safety feature)
Actually no you can't! Don't you think I tried that? It does usually but now all passenger doors won't unlock at all.

Only the driver's door is responding to either the manual key to unlock, the dash button to lock and fob to lock only. Everything else is dead as a dodo and locked solid so can't open the other three doors. The tailgate is OK though.

I have got to the fuses through the glove box but not being able to get the passenger door open makes it a real a contortionist's act. I found one 15A locking fuse blown but no spare that size is provided and I don't have any as they are very small. I tried swapping two fuses over but still nothing working.

Is it easy to remove the glovebox complete so it's easier to work on the fuses?

I'm going to have to book the car in as soon as I can to get it sorted as my wife isn't impressed with climbing over the centre consul to get in and out!

I'll have to dig my MG out of the garage whilst they are sorting it out.