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Originally Posted by mjh93sa View Post
So far.

Should really do a Palmnuts style writeup, but the headlines are:
  • More refined than the MINI (a given).
  • More refined than the 135i Coupe.
  • Adaptive ride and winter tyres is very good. Sport firms it up nicely.
  • Eco-pro is horrible.
  • Lane departure warning is very subtle.
  • Reversing camera gets too dirty too quickly (poor placement).
  • Lines and PDC overlay on the camera works well though.
  • More room than the E87 in the back (or so I'm told).
  • Engine note much more refined than the 135i Coupe (less tinny at high revs).
  • Auto-start stop isn't delayed for long enough before stopping. It works fine, but when you are momentarily stopping in traffic it'll cut the engine, whereas in a manual you'd keep the clutch depressed to keep the engine running for the few seconds you are stopped. For this reason it's going to be regularly turned off.
  • Black panel display is good with all the extra info.
  • Scrolly wheels on the steering wheel work nicely in combination with black panel display.
  • Speedlimit display generally works. Though I did pull onto the drive and see it say 70mph!
  • People tend to take a second look when they hear it start up. Not many 1 series make a noise like this. Something that was the same in the 135i Coupe.
  • They removed the "all" button from the climate control. OCD owners have to adjust both knobs again.
Did you buy from Cotswold?, had test drive there today and they mentioned a silver one.