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Bluetooth Music Device for LCI??

Hey guys, I'm in a little predicament.

Well my 2nd AUX cord has gone out in the past 4 months so I'm finally wanting to ditch the stupid wire and go Bluetooth. I've seen the Belkin Aircast and Griffin BlueTrip get some good reviews, but I have a small problem: I don't have a cigarette lighter. I took out ashtray (it was broken anyway) and installed a sunglasses holder, and the LCI e90 doesn't have a cig lighter inside of the armrest.

So my question to you all is:
What is the best bluetooth device that will play my iPhone 4S's music wirelessly that doesn't use a cigarette lighter?

I've seen the Blackberry Gateway, but it is being sold for $150 (people said they were originally sold for $30-50... what a markup). Maybe you all could give a link to where they are selling it for much cheaper. And a last question, if you all recommend a USB connectable bluetooth device, will the device drain my car's battery if I leave it in after I turn the car off?

Thanks! Any responses are appreciated.