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Originally Posted by cageyvet View Post
Im not familiar with the smt-6 but i'd rather base fuel injected off airflow from a maf sensor. Should allow your extra fueling to be pretty damn precise.
The SMT6 can be setup using MAF, MAP, Throttle, Load, and so on. They both offer 3d tuning. I would use it to supply any power over stock boost. Use something along the lines of JB4 or Vishnu's tuner to make sure the car only ever sees stock boost, anything over stock let the SMT6 and extra injectors handle. The biggest flaw in your setup is you cant guide the fuel properly. No matter how hard you try not every cylinder will be getting exact amount of fuel trust me on this. If you wanted to step up the game, get a manifold from a 330 and use its stock fuel bosses and add your fuel system to that.