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A total bunch of cowboys

I purchased my E60 from these guys.

I'm not one that normally writes up reviews etc, but I've had to make an exception in this case after seeing this thread come up when I googled Big Motoring World Review.

My experience with them has been a total nightmare from the moment I called them regarding an advert I saw in Autotrader.

The guy on the phone told me they had the vehicle in question in stock and I could come in for a viewing.
Guess what happened after I went to their "showroom"? yep, it wasnt there "but we got something very similar if you'd be interested". Since I've driven over an hour to get there, I thought why not?

I dont know much about cars, except that German cars are known to be good. Hence the reason why I chose a trader over a private seller (since they offered MOT and all these other so called checks)

They didnt let me test drive the car until I agreed I would buy from them. I told him I would obviously buy the car if I liked it after the test drive.

I dont even know why I bothered with the test drive since I know next to nothing about cars.

Car seemed okay, so I agreed to purchase it for the price of 10k, I bought the 3 year warranty with it as well for another 1000.

1. As soon as I've driven it for an hour, the car seemed to make a crunching noise when going over bumps or when making sharp turns (I've been told its most likely the bushes or something)

2. After a couple of days, the rear parking sensors failed.
Big Motoring World agreed to fix this, so went in to the "showroom" and had to wait 7 hours for what is, I'm told a max one hour job.
This is the only thing that they have fixed, I'm yet to hear from them regarding my other issues

3. After a couple of days, I had a puncture, so went to the local garage to have it checked it out, they told me I've been driving an unsafe car since it had a mix of runflats (didnt know what they were until then) and normal tyres.

4. The vehicle also didnt come with with nut lock key or something to take the alloys off, so the garage guy had to use some old fashioned banging and that to get them off

5. After another few days, the front parking sensors failed.

6. They gave me a service book which belonged to another car.

7. The second key doesnt work and is bent and crooked (much like these so called car dealers)

8. The alloys are not M-Sport alloys, but cheap replicas which have been sprayed over to look good.
They are cracked and have been since I purchased the vehicle - God knows the amount of times I've had to change tyres cause of punctures due to this issue.

9. To top it all off - I've been told by my local garage mechanic that this car has definitely been in an accident, the repair job they did is shoddy, the spray job they did on the car is also shoddy.

10. Front wishbone was gone (the guy at kwikfit could actually move the tyres side to side since they were hanging on by a bolt!!!)

I've spent over 3k trying to fix this car and have given up any hope that either Big Motoring World or the Warranty company will assist me.

So, I'm going to post reviews like this all over forums and any other place that will allow me, so that someone else doesnt have to go through the same thing I have.

I've had a car for approx 7-8 months now and neither Big Motoring World or the Warranty company will help me.

Beware of these crooks, as soon as they have your money, thats it, they dont wanna hear from you, for all they care, you could die in an accident as soon as you leave their showroom cause of the dangerous cars they sell.

I gave them plenty of chances to rectify the issues I had and am still having, Man, I was so happy when I brought the car, was looking at angel eyes and all the other little things people do to make the car look nicer but these guys have ruined what should've been a good memory for me, its the first expensive car that I purchased and these crooks totally ruined it for me.


Pissed off customer of Big Motoring World