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Tweak for passing sniffer test with cattless DPs

Hey guys,

I will receive some AR downpipes from Mike in the next weeks. Since in Luxembourg we have to pass the test every year, I start thinking about how to pass the test with cattless DPs.

First thought was about AirFuelRatio. Most of us are using piggybacks which allows to upload costume maps. Would it be possible to set up a map with richer A/F ratio? Based on the fact that a rich mixture produce less emissions. Would it be applicable?
In valet mode few people reported that they pass ODB2 emission test but seems to fail with sniffer.

The second idea was to do a E85/gasoline mixture. Ethanol mixtures results in lower emission. Our cars have no problems with ethanol mixtures, few guys are using 50/50 blends with a corresponding mapping or running their cars with 10-20%. But will it change emission in a significant way?

Hopefully some of you did researches in such kind of things. What I am missing are some test and results! In most emission threads there exist a lot of contradictions of people claiming they passed and failed the test.

Or is it all about having some luck and a friendly inspector on that day?