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Originally Posted by smi1gj View Post
listen to BuraQ he's a drag strip guy like I am but he has an IS

If you don't see the "clutch slipping " on cobb then it's probably the fueling stress like I said.
Yeah let me test it out on COBB first and then we will see where that takes me.

Originally Posted by BuraQ View Post
As for the correct MAP you will need to ask Terry directly. Shoot him an email he is REALLY GOOD in responding

For LC control to work you must be in the following config:

M Mode * DTC - Press Button Once (Sport Traction shows in dash) * Sport Button On; example :

Hold brake firmly, then "FLOOR" the gas peddle. Your RPMs should shoot up to 5k RPM. If it doesnt then LC is not ready yet

There are some reports on some 335iS the LC is not ready until after 1300 miles

I recommended to use the two tunes seperately so you can be able to see if the problem is repeating itself. We would be able to weed out what your actually experiencing.

Just stay away from brake boosting via holding brake, and pressing on gas to raise RPM to 1.5k

Yeah, I have done all the things listed above and still no LC. Not that I want to do this at the tracks but I just wanted to see what it's like since I've always driven AWD vehicles. Seems like it may be after 1300 miles.

I will be using COBB and JB4 separately until I install more mods. Who knows, I might like JB4 more than COBB later.

Thanks for all of your feed backs! ^_^y