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Too bad... If you have not experienced the new ISO firmware you have not experienced the JB4 G5.

yeah, I've heard many good feedbacks for ISO firmware users. I will come back to JB4 later.

Originally Posted by ign335i View Post
I don't understand how you can even make a comparison considering your G5 was clearly not setup right. Back to back variations of 5psi and trim flatlines are not normal. I suspect you input the wrong settings either via drop down or on the user adjustment page. The G5 plus Cobb flash is really the best of both worlds, but it seems like you for some odd reason have made your mind up... The G5 alone will spank the hell out of a non protuned Cobb, especially on E85. If you want to get the most out of the tune on Cobb you need it custom made for your car or you need to do ATR.
It's only an initial comparison not a detailed review and I have not made up my mind.
I haven't been on this forum for very long time but the most inquiries I have been spotting so far is "JB4 vs COBB" or "which tune should I go with?" or "which is the best tune"...etc. Just thought I can give my 2cent to the people who are seeking more power.
Yes, 5psi variation is not normal for sure. I have checked the settings via dropdown box and chose G5 board. I know I should have updated ISO firmware but I wasn't sure of BMS return policy.
I just wanted an initial experience for both tuning.

I will be protuning COBB either through a local shop here or PTF people but correct me if I'm wrong, I'm under the impression you will need FMIC+dp to run any Stage 2 + FMIC aggressive maps. So far I only have BMS DCI.
What is an ATR?