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x2 Logic 7 65139143121 Mid-Range Speakers

For sale:

x2 65139143121 Logic 7 mid-range speakers to suit:

Rear deck of BMW E82 1 Series Coupe
Rear deck of BMW E90
Centre dash speaker of BMW E90
Centre dash speaker of BMW E91
Rear deck of BMW E92
Centre dash speaker of E92
Centre dash speaker of E93
Also various 5, 6, X1 and other 1 series models.

Please check real OEM to make sure your model takes this speaker.

These would be a great upgrade for anyone wishing to upgrade their base audio system and pump some more clarity through it with only speaker upgrades or to replace a blown unit.

The speakers come with tweeter input connectors so they could be coupled with plug'n'play L7 or HiFi tweeters should you wish to up the system a little more. The speakers added a nice amount of extra treble over the base speaker and handled base batter also with no distortion, even adding some base I'd say to the overall sound. I had a few compliments from rear passengers with these fitted (+ tweeters) and by sitting in the back I can see why as it did sound nice and clear with punch...perfect if you have rear passengers who enjoy music too or to lift the sound in the car overall.

These speakers should be a direct replacement for the OE base/HiFi mid-range speakers, bolt into the same holes with the same screws and connect using the same wiring. Complete plug'n'play.

There is one seller on eBay trying to flog one of these speakers for 75 + 10 delivery. I'm not in the business of ripping people off and I am aware that these speakers are only 70 each all inclusive from BMW which is what I paid.

Price: 100 pair OR 50 each if two buyers commit.

Delivery to UK Mainland included in prices via insured courier or Royal Mail insured service. If you live on the moon (aka Scottish Highlands, may as well be if you see the bump in postage price) please let me know and I'll get a quote.