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Originally Posted by hellomyBMW View Post
It's only an initial comparison not a detailed review and I have not made up my mind.
I haven't been on this forum for very long time but the most inquiries I have been spotting so far is "JB4 vs COBB" or "which tune should I go with?" or "which is the best tune"...etc. Just thought I can give my 2cent to the people who are seeking more power.
Yes, 5psi variation is not normal for sure. I have checked the settings via dropdown box and chose G5 board. I know I should have updated ISO firmware but I wasn't sure of BMS return policy.
I just wanted an initial experience for both tuning.

I will be protuning COBB either through a local shop here or PTF people but correct me if I'm wrong, I'm under the impression you will need FMIC+dp to run any Stage 2 + FMIC aggressive maps. So far I only have BMS DCI.
What is an ATR?
I guess my point was that you cant really make a comparison, even initial, unless you want to compare an improperly setup G5 to a Cobb. No worries though, you have both and it sounds like you are a tinkerer.

Cobb has requirements for mods and levels since it is flash based. PTF can sort all that through an etune since each car is different. ATR is the software that allows you to modify Cobb tables. What I was getting at is that with flash firmware you need to tune to that specific car to get full performance. Stock programming is flash and its conservative to deal with the variations between cars. The G5 on the other hand can autotune right on the car using the cars sensors. Thus if you add a mod or change something with the G5 it will automatically tune for the most power. What the G5 lacks is the ability to modify the oem tables since it is essentially just intercepting signals and modifying them. This means that there are limits to how much fuel and timing the G5 can add. The stack of Cobb and G5 is the best of both worlds since the Cobb can open up timing, fueling, vanos, etc. and the G5 can get you the most power out or it and adjust to your specific conditions. Hope that is clear and as unbiased as I can be.