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Originally Posted by pits200 View Post
Even with e85, isn't 13.75 a little lean at the higher rpms?
With E85 you can run a point lean without issues due to the cooling Ethanol provides with direct injection. You also pick up torque because if I'm not mistaken, peak torque will happen at 13.5:1. In map 3 for Flex Fuel, the PROcede implements enleanment to overcome rich AFRs with e85. It allows you to keep the same fueling table if you switch to pump and meth. Without enleanment it will allow you to hit 12.5:1 while in map 2 and 4.

If you run e85 with meth like I do, you'll need to log to make sure you don't run too rich with e85 and meth and make adjustments to accommodate the AFR targets you want to hit.

BTW, 13.75 was without meth and my AFR tables are set to run with meth.