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(Title should say "this MANY problems..." --> Fat fingers on iphone..)

I got the car in May 2011. 2008 335i sedan.

Not long after buying it, car had HPFP issues, and it took bmw 3 months and 2 dealerships to realize (or admit) that all the injectors and plugs had to be replaced. Since then I have had a leaking transmission gasket, oil leaking down the front of the engine, a cracked turbo waste gate, and last week the service engine soon light came on. They replaced the engine thermostat. Got the car back last Tuesday, drove fine rest of the week and car sat in the garage most of the weekend. Then monday morning the fan keeps turning non-stop, and after 10 min the engine starts overheating (gauge on instrument cluster still shows below 200 degrees). 30 seconds later computer tells me engine is too hot and cuts power. After tow to dealer, apparently the water pump doesn't work.

Is this normal and comes with the awesome 335 territory, or is my 335 just "special?" Does anyone else have these or this many issues? Should I bring this up to BMW NA or the dealer or just suck it up and be happy I'm under warranty?
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