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Originally Posted by philiphilip View Post
(Title should say "this MANY problems..." --> Fat fingers on iphone..)

Is this normal and comes with the awesome 335 territory, or is my 335 just "special?" Does anyone else have these or this many issues? Should I bring this up to BMW NA or the dealer or just suck it up and be happy I'm under warranty?, not normal. I owned 3 X e9x, two of them with N54 and didn't have ANY problems. Although I drive my cars hard every day in all weather conditions possible I take good care of them (right oil, only Shell gasoline, I don't push the engine hard when the oil is cold etc)
These cars are generally purchased by "enthusiasts" that will dismantle them, play with the engine management system, use all types of (unapproved) oils, trash them on the road and on track etc. When the things go wrong they will try to have their cars fixed but this is easier said than done... the typical BMW Service is low tech, dirty and BMW techs populating these places are in their vast majority incompetents that will inflict more damage to the vehicle. Then someone like you comes into picture...

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