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Originally Posted by 335dM View Post
First i would have to say that water can ( on the very longterm) damage our injectors.
I asked the dealer to change oil in tranny today and they answered NO! If i were to change my oil under warranty, i would loose my warranty on the tranny itself! WTF BMW???
Lol. They can't do that. My dealer will change it for you...for $900 for fluids & gaskets only (drop the pan, change the sleeve, replace pan & fill). Parts & materials including the pan/filter and fluid are about 200, so you can guess which route i chose to take

But back to the topic, the issue as I understand it is that of corrosion and the possibility of flashing. I have only attempted seconds of research beyond reading everyone's posts, but the part for our fuel filter seems to be labelled "fuel strainer with heating", which leads me to believe that it does not somehow "dry" the fuel. Anyone know?

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